Alenti Branding

Alenti is a retail store that serves to bring high quality yet affordable fashion closer to Nigerians with just the tap of a finger!

African Style Magazine

African Style Magazine is a lifestyle brand. The platform (consisting of a website and social groups) was created to highlight and showcase the best of African fashion.

Armin @ 50

Armin’s Golden Jubilee celebration had to be stylish, sophisticated and special. Our goal was to create an identity that showcased class and grandeur. We designed the crest, invitation card, personalised menus and much more…


Ayo and Ope Davies, aka “Ayope”, are certified relationship and marriage coaches. As authors and speakers, Ayope’s mission is to help individuals and couples overcome challenges, and achieve their desired relationship goals. They also make YouTube videos (Ayope TV), sharing their marriage experience, faith and lifestyle with the world. Ayope have been married since 2013 […]


Voyageback is not just a regular travel company. They pride themselves in giving the ultimate experience in travel.


Magasinn is a platform, created “for you to sell most things on this planet (just not the illegal stuff), to whoever you want, whenever you want and wherever you want”.

David Adam

David Adam is a guitarist, session musician and teacher. He has lived an interesting life and his story is unique. His guitar is akin to a sword that helps him fight the battle of life.


Xuntos are building the largest community of bright, ambitious and talented individuals from under-represented groups in the technology industry. ‘Xuntos’ is a Galician word which means: Together. Xuntos nurture top talent through supporting a community of university students and recent graduates from under-represented groups in the technology industry, by enabling them to build relationships and […]

One Chron1cles

One Chron1cles is a gospel music ministry. The name refers to the book of 1 Chronicles, the first time a choir is mentioned in the Bible. Founded by Silas Omoha, One Chronicles aims to bring a new and true sound of worship to the modern times.