The ShoePal

The ShoePal is the best place to buy shoes in Nigeria. They are dedicated to giving you the very best from quality and style, to great value for money. All stock is from London High Street Shops and they don’t sell imitations. The ShoePal is affiliated with The BagPal which sells quality bags and wallets.

Fresh Oil Prayer Retreat

The Fresh Oil Prayer Retreat is an annual program for ministers of the Gospel and Christians who are hungry for a fresh anointing to fulfil their God-given mandates. It is a residential retreat which holds from city to city each year in the United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria. Now the conference is held vitually.


Gibteeq‘s vision is to be offer universal car chargers and phone holders that become your best companion on the road. They create safe products for those who are away from home. Gibteeq has established a reputation in the phone accessory market as a trustworthy name, and they remain committed to offering convenient and affordable products […]

Medical Staff Agency

Medical Staff Agency provides nursing and domiciliary care services nationwide (UK) for clients who need everyday help and support. Their goal is to help everyone stay independent and at home. They also provide outstanding recruitment solutions to both clients and candidates.


Yourism are passionate about creating experiences and content that enhance millennial lives and ignite their passion to help others. Yourism aim to help millennials hop around the globe and see the wonders this world has to offer us. This is done by connecting customers with compatible and amiable travellers, who will help to create a […]

IBK’S Kitchen

IBK’s Kitchen is a meal prep company that specializes in Weight-Loss and Nutrition. They provide fresh organic meal prep services to support weight loss and also prevent/reverse lifestyle diseases such as, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease. They have a range of organic nutritional products naturally sourced in the UK […]

Call Me Sasha is a blog that was created as an extension of the Instagram account: Callmesasha_x. Sasha created it to share some of her favourite life experiences through words and show everyone her life beyond the pictures. Born and raised in London, from a very young age, reading & writing has always been her first love. […]

Holiday Helper

Holiday Helper is a travel company offering travel planning services, brand reviews and content creation. In Ghana, they provide VIP tours, accommodation, transport and nightlife services.

The BagPal

The BagPal is the number one place to buy bags and wallets in Nigeria. They are dedicated to giving their customers the very best from quality and style, to great value for money. The BagPal originally began trading in Abuja but have expanded to the whole of Nigeria.